The length of your practice time on land will largely depend on what your goals are. In-season workouts can be longer than leisure time. In general, our bodies have about a good 30-45 minutes to gain strength. This time we tend to not get much acclimation from training, other than stamina, mental strength and resilience.


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If we want to develop strength or add muscle mass. Total workout time can exceed 45 minutes to become a full body combination. Warm-up takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on previous day’s activity.

Each swimmer has his or her own way of cooling down. Recovery time is proven to be greatly shortened with proper cooling down and we can use it wisely if we know how to use it properly.

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That being said, some swimmers can be done in 45 minutes. While others may need up to 90 minutes of total gym time. For land training, 5 to 30 minutes can be used as a pre-swim warm-up to exercise and prepare the body for swimming. Most commonly, additional mass without real meaning.

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The swimming community can overdo it in the shallows and forget to focus on the important details. Such as range of motion, balance, and injury prevention.

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