The physical properties of the aquatic environment are related to the principles of swimming technique.

1. Difficulty pressing small

Liquids, including water, are subject to changes in temperature. The different pressure will cause the volume to shrink. But for juice, the small volume is not clear. It has been tested that increasing one ace of water can only shrink the volume by about 1/200000. Thus, water can be considered as a small unpressurized substance (in which air can shrink 844 times compared to water).

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Principles of swimming technique

2. Adhesion

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The adhesion of water is due to internal attraction (force of agglomeration). Adhesion increases with decreasing temperature and vice versa. If water at 26 degrees Celsius has 48 times more adhesion than air, when at 20 degrees Celsius can increase it to 59 times.

In quiet conditions, the pressure from all sides is equal, the adhesion of water does not manifest clearly. So once there is an external force more than an internal attraction. The pressure of the water changes, the bonds between the molecules are affected. Due to the mutual attraction between the elements, it creates a frictional force to counteract the external force. Make the external force weaken and gradually eliminate. This phenomenon is called the drag process.

When swimming, all swimming movements are affected by resistance caused by the adhesion of water. It is an important factor of environmental forces when swimming.

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3. Mobility (swimming technique principle)

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Because the mutual attraction between water molecules is relatively small, the resistance to external forces is also weak. If the external force is greater than the internal suction, a pressure difference will be created. Water will flow from an area of ​​high pressure to an area of ​​low pressure. Or flow in the direction of the external force. Resistance to external forces.

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The resistance to the external force of the water molecules is proportional to the speed of the external force. If the fan speed is slow. More water will flow in the same direction as the fan. As the fan speed increases, redistribution is reached. The pressure of water pushing in the same direction will decrease. Most of the water rises according to the principle of swimming technique. Reach redistribution. The pressure of the water pushed in the same direction will decrease, most of the water will circle the surface of the fan (hand). About the low pressure area behind the fan table (behind the hand).

If the fan speed continues to increase, it can be considered as a water fan in the condition that the water is relatively still. Therefore, in order to create a high swimming speed, it is necessary to gradually increase the speed of the fan and follow the principles of swimming technique.

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