Information on registering for a swimming class in District 7 at Swim To Be Live swimming center today to learn swimming skills, water survival and keep your body healthy. Register today to get up to 15% discount for 2 students, 3, 4…%. Hotline for consultation: 0762,319.319. With just one swimming course at, you will master swimming technique professionally, quickly, in no time.

Swim To Be Live is the address of the best quality swimming training center in District 7 today. The Center continuously opens courses in District 7 for students from babies to adults.

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Swimming lessons in District 7 Ho Chi Minh will be a good choice for all students: You can choose your own swimming pool, choose your own swimming time and have a private swimming coach on request. The swimming coach will move to the pool you request.


Swimming course in District 7 Ho Chi Minh City – Top prestige 

To be able to create the best conditions for students to join our swimming course. has carefully researched classes according to each person’s subject, physical condition, age, and aptitude. But there are different courses, next below are 6 classes of swimming teachers in District 7. Please take a look to be able to refer to 1 of these 6 classes, which one is right for you. If you can’t choose, please contact with Hotline/zalo for a free consultation.

  1. Swimming lessons for children under 5 years old
  2. Swimming lessons for children from 5 to 15 years old
  3. Private swim lessons for women
  4. Swimming lessons for adults
  5. Advanced swimming lessons
  6. Swimming lesson plan for the basic swimming course



Tư vấn học bơi và đăng ký học bơi tại HCM, vui lòng liên hệ: Hotline: 0762.319.319 hoặc Facebook: /swimtobelive

Information and contents of swimming courses in District 7 HCMC – 100% quality commitment

The program is for individual swimming classes in District 7. In addition, students can receive many other attractive “promotions” when registering many students.

  • With the increasing demand for swimming lessons in District 7, the center has its own policy. Students can choose when and where to learn to swim is entirely up to you (you can choose the nearest swimming pool to participate in chemistry if available, if not, the center will advise you specifically).
  • Class 1 on 1 with a coach, not only that, but you can sign up for a group course for many people  (the teacher will absolutely not accept any additional students from outside).
  • The swimming lesson time of each lesson is 60 minutes (maybe more depending on the ability of each student, but the time for swimming lessons is different). This is the time that is suitable for the average fitness of each person.
  • The minimum swimming course is 12 lessons for the survival swimming program  (only students have the right to request to finish the course before 12 sessions). Particularly for children from 6 years old and classes exclusively for adults, there will be a lesson plan of 1 type of swimming + standing in the water and the time will be unlimited.
  • At the District 7 swimming class, students can choose their own swimming style according to their wishes and have the coach correct the swimming style if it has not been completed before.
  • In particular, knows the care and is concerned about the quality of swimming lessons. Therefore, we have a policy of refunding all tuition fees if students cannot swim by themselves after each course at the center.
  • With the policy of 100% commitment to KNOW Swim right after each swimming course. The center is always chosen as the top swimming school in District 7.

Swimming lessons in District 7 HCMC – Swimming tickets are not included

  • Swimming lesson price: 5.500,000 VND for children’s swimming course in District 7 under 5 years old (survival swimming course).
  • Swimming price: 5,000,000 VND for adult swimming lessons.
  • Swimming tuition for children: 5,500,000 VND for children’s swimming lessons from 5 to 15 years old.

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Note:  Fees do not include tickets to the pool for students and coaches (note: when entering the pool, remember to buy tickets for you and the teacher).

Sign up for a swimming class for kids in District 7 at Swim To Be Live’s private swimming tutoring center . You will receive attractive “OFFER” only at the center when registering from 2 children or more. In the District 7 swimming class, children will learn many skills in swimming. Motivation helps children develop creative thinking, build more positive relationships with family and friends.

“Similarly, Hun Group company in addition to swimming lessons. We also provide tennis, martial arts, badminton, football and some other sports.”

Benefits of taking swimming lessons for children and adults

  1. Development of the central nervous system, vestibular system (during swimming, the control of the muscles involved in performing swimming strokes is mainly through the sense of movement. Then, the central nervous system, the vestibular system are well developed).
  2. Learning to swim helps strengthen the mobility of muscle groups, thereby helping them to be more supple and durable.
  3. Learning to swim can help you reduce stress and create more joy in life.
  4. Swimming lessons in District 7 help train will, courage, diligence, and team spirit.
  5. Learning to swim helps blood circulation to be better and smoother (athletes who practice regularly contract harder than the average person who learns to swim in District 7. The heart capacity increases, so the heart beat rate in quiet times is about 60-64 times/minute. The average person is about 70-75 times/minute. The blood flow in a minute can increase from 4.5 liters in normal to 35-40 liters during exercise).
  6. Learning to swim is a way to help lose weight quickly.
  7. Learning to swim helps reduce blood pressure effectively for the elderly.
  8. Learning to swim is also effective in reducing asthma for those who have had it for a long time.
  9. Learning to swim is also an indispensable survival skill for all ages.
  10. Learning to swim can also help strengthen bones and joints.
  11. Learning to swim helps to grow taller quickly for babies and young children.
  12. Knowing how to swim also has practical significance for the protection of life and human life in the process of production, living, fighting and natural disaster prevention.
  13. Comprehensive physical development (when swimming, the muscle groups of the whole body participate in activities, the motor factors are enhanced to make the body develop in balance and harmony).

Some addresses for swimming lessons in District 7 for your reference and selection.

Below, will share with you some reputable swimming training centers in District 7. Please refer to them for more professional swimming lessons in this area.

1. Swimming class at Sky Garden Swimming Pool District 7

Sky Garden is one of the beautiful and clean swimming pools in District 7. This address is located in the Sky Garden apartment complex in Phu My Hung urban area. The pool area is quite large and is divided into heights from 1-2m. In particular, this area also has a separate swimming pool for children to provide a safe, comfortable and fun space to play.

Swimming class at Sky Garden Lake in District 7 is highly appreciated by many students

The ticket price of Sky Garden swimming pool is only from 40,000 – 60,000 VND and absolutely no time limit. View of the pool facing the high-rise apartment building and arranged many beautiful and comfortable loungers for you to take advantage of to check in some photos here.

Contact Info:

  • Address: R1-2 Pham Van Nghi, Tan Phong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh.

2. Swimming class at Maia Club Pool District 7

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Maia Club swimming pool with a large pool size of up to 25m long, 12m wide with the most beautiful scenery in Saigon today, this is the ideal swimming learning place for you in District 7. When it comes to cleanliness, nowhere can be compared with Maia Club pool, especially the lake also has a salt water area that makes a big difference with other swimming learning places.

The size of Maia Club’s large swimming pool with the most beautiful view in Saigon

Swimming pool information:

  • Ticket price: 60,000 – 100,000 VND.
  • Maia swimming pool opening hours: 7am – 8pm.
  • Address: LOT MD2 Nguyen Van Linh – Tan Phu Ward – District 7.

3. Swimming class at the swimming pool at Anna Spa District 7

Swimming class at Anna Spa pool is an indispensable place in District 7. With a clean space, luxurious and modern design and fresh atmosphere, it will definitely bring you the most relaxing lessons.

The modern and luxurious swimming pool space at Anna Spa will surely satisfy every student

Contact Info:

  • Address: 4 Phan Van Chuong, Tan Phu, District 7, Ho Chi Minh.

4. Swimming lessons at the swimming pool of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone – Public swimming pool

The swimming pool of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone is a public swimming pool that is rarely left in District 7. Currently, in District 7 most of the swimming pools are apartment buildings and high-class hotels. The ticket price at the lake in Tan Thuan export processing zone is relatively cheap, only 25-30k/person.

  • Ticket price: 30,000 VND
  • Opening hours: 6am – 7pm
  • Address: 8/1A Street 7 – Tan Thuan Dong – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City

5. Learn to swim at Nam Phu swimming pool – Nam Phu urban area

  • Ticket price: 30,000 VND
  • Address: No. 6 – Tan Thuan Dong – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City

6. Learn to swim at Nam Long swimming pool

  • Fare; 30,000 VND
  • Address: Tran Trong Cung – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City

7. Learn to swim at Vstar pool 

  • Ticket price: 30,000 VND
  • Address: Go O Moi Street – Phu Thuan – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City

8. Women’s Cultural House 2

  • Ticket price: 25,000 – 30,000 VND
  • Address: Nguyen Dong Chi Street – Tan Phu Ward – District 7 – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Opening hours: Morning from 7am to 11am : Afternoon from 1:30am to 6pm

9. Learn to swim at Dang Khoa Club’s swimming pool

  • Ticket price: 50,000 VND
  • Address: 117/6 Huynh Tan Phat – Tan Thuan Tay Ward – District 7 Ho Chi Minh City

Private swimming tutoring center in Ho Chi Minh Swim To Be Live – The leading swimming school in Vietnam

Private swimming tutoring center in Ho Chi Minh Swim To Be Live – The leading swimming school in Vietnam swim-to-be-live-quan-7 Address: 1st Floor, 207A Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Email: Hotline – Zalo: 0762,319,319 Facebook:

  • Address: 1st Floor, 207A Nguyen Van Thu, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Email:
  • Hotline – Zalo: 0762,319,319
  • Facebook:

Chú ý: Trung tâm dạy bơi tại Hồ Chí Minh Swim To Be Live có hơn 70 HLV bơi chuyên nghiệp, dạy bơi cho trẻ sơ sinh, trẻ em dưới 6 tuổi và trẻ dưới 15 tuổi, day bơi cho người lớn. Để được tư vấn nhanh và đăng ký học vui lòng liên hệ Hoặc qua số Hotline: 0762.319.319