How to stand in the water with less effort is not a small problem for everyone who is just starting to learn to swim. There are gifted people, the implementation of the technique of standing water learns very quickly, standing in the water is gentle without getting tired. There are also people who are quite difficult to do this move. Next below, Swim To Be Live swimming center will share the experience of standing in the water with everyone.

Simple way to stand water

Simple way to stand water

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To do this technique quickly and easily, you will take the swimming style you are learning to do it. For example, if you are learning freestyle swimming technique, you will perform a stride to stand in the water. You are learning the breaststroke technique, then perform the frog leg to stand in the water.

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Usually, the standing technique is performed. Most will use frog legs, because everyone who is new to swimming learns to swim breaststroke. Not only that, it is also easier and less effortful than strides many times.

How to stand in water with frog legs 

First, you should practice frog legs in standing water first. When we learn to swim breaststroke normally, the body will lie down with the water. But when performing standing water, the body will stand upright relative to the water surface.

You hold your hands to the edge of the tank. Both hands are perpendicular to the body, and at the same time perform frog legs. Let the top part float out of the water. Breathe through your nose normally. Do this several times until the head stays above the water for as long as possible. Or you can wear a hand float to perform frog legs in standing water.

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Hand movements standing in water

When it comes to the technique of standing in the water, there are many ways. From basic to advanced depending on the level of each person. But here I will show you how to stand in the water with the easiest hand movements. After you can do it and master it, you should learn advanced techniques to be lighter and easier.

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Usually 2m pools have a corner stand. You come to stand on it to practice hand movements when standing in the water. You just need to put your hands across the water and press both hands down. Then the body will be lifted. Repeat until steady and feel the rhythm of your hand.

Coordinate hand and foot movements in standing water

To coordinate hand and foot movements in standing water is quite difficult. Therefore, you need to make sure that the rhythm of your legs and arms is steady so that your body can stand in the water gently and comfortably. Frog legs first, then arms. Every footstep and one arm beat staggered together.

Or maybe you do two techniques in a row. Initially, it takes a lot of force to keep the body afloat. Then gradually adapt and get used to it, do lower intensity. At the same time breathe through the nose. Gradually, you will get used to the gentle way of standing in the water.

Good luck!

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