Mistakes encountered when swimming Frog

Swimtobelive.com – When just starting to learn to swim. Almost everyone chooses the breaststroke to practice. This is a swimming style that appears like a swimming Frog.

This breaststroke is also ranked as one of the slowest and easiest strokes. But if it is the easiest and slowest, it is not easy to do! There are many people when swimming, they have encountered some common technical errors. Here are the mistakes when swimming Frog. Please continue to scroll down to see common errors!

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Foot pedal error when swimming

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When practicing the frog kick movement, the first mistake that you encounter the most is: Squeeze your foot in, but when you step out, you don’t break your ankle. Our foot is like a propeller.

It helps push the water when pedaling. The second mistake that you often encounter is when you kick your foot out. People mostly kick their feet backwards. But there is no wide pedal to the sides. This move is both powerless and very quickly tired.

And another mistake of footwork is that when you finish pedaling Frog, there is no rest movement. After pedaling, there must be a break to help us surf and walk better (for those of you who are just starting to swim).

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Faulty hand fan when swimming

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The footwork may be wrong, but you can still walk. But when it comes to hand movements, if you do it wrong, you can’t catch your breath. The mistake here that people often encounter when fanning Frog’s hands is to raise their heads before fanning their hands.

Remember that the force of the hand movement helps you lift your body up out of the water and then you can catch your breath. And when you just fan your arms, you have to start lifting the front body, then the new movement will be rhythmic. This makes it easier to breathe with less effort.

Just now are two common mistakes when swimming frogs. Hope this article can help you improve your technique more.

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