Why can’t I swim with my head up? This is a question that Swim To Be Live has received a lot of questions from Fanpage, Youtube, Wedsite, ..Even students who have studied from many other swimming training centers. This is a problem that many people have, leading to the inability to swim far and swim well. Especially not being able to take a breath.


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The majority of swimmers unable to raise their heads are commonly seen in breaststroke swimmers. The reason is mainly due to the wrong technique, the rhythm of pulling the water up to take a breath is not correct, too fast, too slow… Below we will take a look at why swimming can’t raise your head and how to fix it.

First of all, you don’t need to go up in a hurry, try to pull your hand hard to catch your breath. This way under water is not too effective, the more relaxed the water environment, the easier it is to float. You need to practice breathing in water, fanning your arms, and standing in the water. You can rely on the wall of the tank to practice. Practice a lot to get used to, so that the hand movements and breathing movements coincide with each other, not to be forgotten.

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Then you put on your arm float and back float to practice your hands combined with breathing. Gradually get used to it, then combine it with foot movements to coordinate the swimming techniques again. Next, you deflate gradually according to your ability…

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Too much breathing error

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The error of breathing too much underwater also makes it impossible to swim with your head up. When breathing too much makes our body sink deeply, then the hand pulling the water cannot get out of the water. If the vapor in your body is too little. You can try holding your breath when you are near the surface of the water before you start to exhale through your nose. It will keep your breath in your lungs longer.

Improper hand fan

This is a fairly common mistake that leads to why swimming can’t hold its head up. Most people just pull their hands forward, pulling the water like that it only helps us move forward, but can’t help the head come to the surface to get breath. Do you need to learn more about the “most durable and resilient” breaststroke technique you know? to add more to be able to swim with your head up high.

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