On hot summer days, there is nothing better than struggling under the swimming pool. And of course, you can completely learn to hold your breath for a long time under water with just a few small notes!

Have you ever wondered why swimmers can hold their breath underwater for a long time? In fact, this is the result of their rigorous and rigorous training. Ordinary people like us can also learn to be able to hold such deep breaths. Let’s explore together!

Know your abilities


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To start practicing, test your current breath holding capacity. First, get a stopwatch, and then sit or lie down comfortably. Breathe slowly, normally for 2 minutes. Then take a deep breath and exhale as much as you can. Hold your breath and start the timer. When you can’t hold out any longer, inhale and turn off the clock.

When checking the results, if you can hold your breath for 1 minute or less, after practicing, you can hold your breath for about 3 minutes. If you can hold your breath for at least 1 minute and 30 seconds, after practicing it can be up to 4 minutes. And if you hold your breath for more than 2 minutes, after practicing you can completely hold your breath for 5 minutes!

Relaxation is the key


The most important part of practicing holding your breath underwater is relaxation. You need to completely relax your mind, your breath, and your muscles. Tight muscles cause your body to use more oxygen, causing you to hold your breath for less time. You have to practice calmness, letting go of stress and anxiety. Only with complete relaxation can you achieve the best results.

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Start practicing

Breathing exercises can be done anywhere, not necessarily in the water, by following these steps:

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Sit down, relax and take 3 breaths.

– Inhale air into about 3/4 of the lungs.

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– Breathe out all the air.

– Inhale again, this time with 100% of the lungs, as much as possible.

– Hold your breath for as long as possible.

Repeat this process a few times and you may start to find you can hold your breath longer.

Before entering the water

After getting used to the shore, you can start going into the water. However, before going into the water to swim or dive, you need to warm up your lungs first by:

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– Sit in a comfortable position.

Breathe normally for about 2 minutes and then try to hold your breath until you can’t take it anymore.

Continue breathing normally for 2 minutes.

– Repeat this at least 3 times.

– Get in the water and you will clearly see the difference.

Some useful tips

Lying on the water will help you hold your breath longer when swimming back and forth.

– The closer you are to the water, the easier it is to hold your breath. As you go deeper, the water pressure can make it harder to hold your breath than usual.

Do not eat anything 2-3 hours before going swimming. Digesting food can use up some of your precious oxygen.

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