What is dog swimming? Dog swimming in English, or Dog Paddle , is a fairly common technique in rivers and streams as well as for those who are just starting to learn to swim. Since it is quite simple, self-taught dog swimming is quite popular. However, it requires you to perform continuous hand and foot movements, which can easily lead to loss of strength. But not everyone can swim the dog properly. Next below we analyze the techniques in dog swimming.

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dog swimming

Technical posture when performing dog swimming

  • To perform this swimming style. Requires you to make the head and chest rise to the surface. The chin can just touch the water or be about 5 to 10 cm higher. The higher you float to the surface, the more effort it will take. Because we have to do foot and arm movements continuously. It is best to keep the chin level with the water to limit effort.
  • Right hand extended. At the same time pull the water into the swimming pool. Spread your palms out, hands continuously performing the movement. You can do it quickly at first, but then you can master it and then you can slow it down. At the same time, the technical movements of the legs are like strides. Two legs perform kicking up and down continuously, but the dog swimming position will lie slightly above the waterline.

How to breathe effectively in dog swimming 

Practicing good breathing technique will help you swim with your dog’s head buoyant and effortless. Practicing breathing in dog swimming is like you are living on land. Breathe through the nose regularly, not in a hurry to avoid water entering the nose, leading to choking. Remember that breathing is only done when the head is above the water surface, not by mouth like the techniques of stride , breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke.. Because the mouth is always close to the water surface, the possibility of being swallowed. the water is quite high and not proper.

Pros and cons of dog swimming 

The dog swimming technique also has many advantages. But there are also many weaknesses, next below we take a look.


  • Easy to learn compared to other competition techniques
  • Saving the time
  • Limit costs
  • Practical and easier to observe


  • Swimming is quite strenuous
  • Slow swimming speed
  • Only performed in recreational swimming, not in competition.

Notes when doing dog swimming

  • Must be fully equipped with swimming equipment like other competitive swimming techniques: swimming goggles, pants, swimwear, buoys…
  • Limit eating and drinking too close to swimming lessons. You should eat at least 60 minutes before so that the food can be digested before swimming.
  • Should choose shallow pools to study, neither too deep nor too shallow.
  • If you absolutely do not know how to swim, you need to find a reputable dog swimming center for specific and detailed instructions.

Objects learn dog swimming style 

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Dog Paddle

About the subjects to participate in the dog swimming technique are usually children from 2 years old to 5 years old. Because this child has not yet recognized the correct swimming techniques. Therefore, in this object, when teaching swimming, it is easier to imitate it than to force the child to learn something. Not only that, in this dog swimming course also creates entertainment time. As well as being a survival skill rather than a standard technique.

If the house has a swimming pool, or you want your child to be able to equip a survival skill from a young age. Before participating in standard swimming courses, it is also quite suitable, depending on the needs of each family.

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