The butterfly swimming technique is relatively complicated. Therefore, in general, only teach after learning three techniques of swimming: stroke technique, backstroke technique , and breaststroke technique. If you want to learn butterfly swimming properly, you should make full use of the law of changing skills to learn good butterfly swimming technique.

Body movements and foot movements in Butterfly swimming

Butterfly swimming technique

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1. Land exercise for the butterfly wave bending technique

Stand in place, bend your knees, stretch your arms straight up, practice abdominal thrusts, knee bends, buttocks lift, knee stretching (butterfly wave bending technique). You can practice each part individually at first, then complete the combination.

2. Water exercises

When surfing the water, practice free kicks first, then switch to closed legs. Simultaneously practice beating butterfly swimming legs, back relaxed. Surf the water, practice wave bending. When you first practice, the range of movements may be a little small.

Hand movements and hand coordination with breathing

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butterfly hand

1. Exercises to practice butterfly swimming technique on land

Hand movements: Standing slightly leaning forward, practice Butterfly’s hand fan. Pay attention to the water fan line and shoulder rotation.

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Hand coordination and breathing: The same exercise as above but combined with breathing. When pushing water, raise your head to inhale, lower your head first, swing your arms behind.

2. Water exercises

Do the exercises on land but in shallow water to experience the stroke line and the pushing effect of the hand fan on the body.

Practice hand fan with jumping forward: Like the exercise on land, but at the same time with the hand fan back, the legs kick under the lake, causing the body to rise and rush forward. At this time, raise your head to inhale, then lower your head, swinging your arms in the air and forward. Put your hands in the water in front of your shoulders, then bend your legs to stand up and continue the next cycle.

The complete coordinated movement of the Butterfly swimming technique

1. Land simulation exercises 

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Stand with one leg, the other leg extended straight back, the body leaning forward. When the two arms swing forward “into the water”, the legs straighten behind, kick the foot for the first time, the two hands fan back to the belly level, then hit the foot a second time. After mastering the above movement, coordinate with the breathing movement.

2. Water exercises

Count and beat your feet a number of times, then fan your arms once. After grasping the above movement, then gradually switch to the coordination of beating the legs twice, fanning the arms once. Pay attention to hand and foot rhythm coordination. The same exercise as above combines with breathing movements. At first, do 2-3 coordinated movements of hands and feet to breathe once, then switch to one time to blow your arms and breathe once. Once you have a preliminary grasp of the complete coordination, you can gradually increase the swimming distance.

Points to pay attention to when learning butterfly swimming technique

The breathing movement in butterfly swimming is similar to the breathing movement in breaststroke. The hand movements are similar to swimming strokes, except when swimming with both hands fanning the butterfly at the same time. So, once you know how to swim freestyle and swim breaststroke, learning to swim butterfly will have many advantages.

When bending waves, it is important to pay attention to the force from the back of the abdomen pulling the thigh and leg movements. When practicing, ask your hands and head not to swing up and down. You can lie on your side, lying on your back while doing leg swings. When teaching complete coordination movements, it is essential to press for coordination opportunities. Pay attention to the hand in the water should not rush to fan the water immediately, but wait after reaching straight forward before fanning the hand back. When the hands and feet are well coordinated, then learn more breathing movements and complete the butterfly swimming technique.

At this point, it is important to emphasize the opportunity to breathe. Requires early coordination of breathing, and at the same time pay attention when hands enter the water, hands and head must reach forward, do not sink. After mastering the above movement, it is necessary to press with strength on the back of the abdomen. It is required when the hand enters the water to lift the buttocks and keep it in a relatively high position.

Some common mistakes when swimming Butterfly

  • Bend your hips against your feet or don’t do the wave.
  • Legs stretch to hit the water.
  • Hands, head, shoulders bobbing up and down too big.
  • After the hand, the water fan is difficult to withdraw and swing the hand.
  • Straight hand fan.
  • Disjointed limb coordination.
  • Legs when hitting water, the body does not have wave bending movements.

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