Swimming not only helps the body to be flexible and strong, but also helps to increase height. Here are the benefits of basic swimming strokes that you should know.


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Frog swimming 

The breaststroke technique is a slow swimming style, loved by many people because it is easy to do and can rest comfortably while swimming. The movements of the breaststroke style simulate the posture of a frog when moving under water. When swimming breaststroke, you need to use more leg strength than arm strength.

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Swimming breaststroke helps strengthen the calf muscles and tone the back muscles. Besides, swimming breaststroke also helps the body burn more calories, keeping the body slim. In addition, swimming breaststroke also helps blood circulation better, good for heart health.


Backstroke is a swimming style in which you lie on your back in the water, only your chest is above the water, and all the rest must be below the water level. The backstroke technique is somewhat similar to the stride, but the footwork does the opposite.

Backstroke helps to lengthen the spine thus making the body taller. Besides, swimming also tones the muscles on the shoulders, legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.

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Butterfly swimming 

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Butterfly swimming is a difficult swimming style. When learning to swim, it is important to remember the principle of “shoulders down, hips high – shoulders high, hips low” to ensure correct posture.

Butterfly swimming requires the strength of the abdomen, combined with the strength of the arms, chest and back to help strengthen the muscles. In addition, swimming butterfly also contributes to burning calories, reducing excess fat in the abdomen.


When swimming at full speed, swimmers must use 2 hands to fan staggered forward to wipe the water as motivation to move the body forward. Besides, when swimming, it is necessary to keep the body straight and the legs staggered. Straighten your knees and straighten your feet.

Swimming uses both arms and legs, thus helping to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs. At the same time, swimming also helps the joints of the neck, shoulders, chest, back to move and stretch, helping to increase height.

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